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What Is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is built on the foundation of conventional medicine that we all know and trust. Like conventional medicine, functional medicine is science-based, results-oriented, and is practiced by Doctors with medical degrees (MDs and DO) and a great deal of experience.

However, functional medicine is more than just conventional medicine. It uses the latest evidence in medical research about our genes, our behaviors, and our environment to diagnose, treat and prevent chronic diseases, continuous pain, and metabolic disorders. 

At Revive Wellness, our physicians and nurse practitioners are Board Certified with extra training in integrative functional medicine. When treating a patient, we consider their medical history as well as their lifestyle, their hormones, their genetics, their nutrition, and their physiology. We take these elements together, and treat the patient as a whole, not just as a person with a specific set of symptoms.

Functional medicine addresses the underlying issues that have created the medical problem. In short, functional medicine does not simply prescribe textbook meds for textbook symptoms.  Functional medicine uses clinical expertise to treat the ailment by identifying physiological or lifestyle imbalances in the patient and building an individual roadmap toward wellness.

We help you get well by seeking out and treating the root cause.

 A human body is an incredibly complex system. With conventional medicine, the standard practice is to diagnose the symptoms and send the patient home with some pills to dull the pain.

This may bring quick relief, but some complaints and symptoms are a warning sign that certain systems of the body may be in peril.  Eliminating the symptoms simply shuts off the alarm, but does little to prevent the underlying problem.

Our goal is to heal pain, cure disease and put you on a path to a healthy lifestyle. We are patient-centered and because we are a Direct Primary Care practice, we take the time to test for and understand each patient’s genetic, biological and lifestyle factors. This allows us to develop personalized treatment plans for each of our patients.

Determining the cause of an illness is an essential component of our practice. We will treat your symptoms and make you feel better, but we will not stop there. You already know that chronic illnesses and pain have an unfortunate habit of coming back if nothing else changes. We will work with you to diagnose the source of the problem and treat that as well. We use time, science, and experience to design your personalized healthcare solution.

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